Meet The Tumblers

Tyler J. Thomas (Executive Producer)

Tyler J. Thomas, CJIL, CMKA, CRL is the president of Security Engineering Consultants, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, where he and the company specialize in high-security master key systems. He served as Southeast Director for ALOA Security Professionals Association from 2019 until 2023 and is the web administrator and active member of the Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council. He was the recipient of the 2022 ALOA President’s Award.

Tyler is also an active member of the Locksmith Security Association (LSA) of Michigan and was the first official member of LSA who resided outside of the state of Michigan. In 2017, Tyler co-founded

Outside of locksmithing, Tyler enjoys gardening and spending time with his wife and their three kids.

Jeff Moss (Technical Producer)

Jeff Moss has been a locksmith for six years. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, he worked at two hardware stores while in high school and has always been fascinated with all things mechanical.He graduated from the University of Toledo where he studied Information Technology. While at UT, he worked at the student union, where one of his many jobs was programming the offline access control locks for student organization offices. He was able to meet the campus locksmiths, who he is still in touch with. Jeff also got into locksport (and more specifically lock collecting) while in college.After graduation, he was hired as network administrator for a manufacturing company in Cleveland. Subsequently, he took an IT job at a locally based NSP where he continued to build an interest in the physical security industry.In October 2017, Jeff left that company to start his locksmithing journey. The locksmith company he went to work for has been in business for 59 years. Jeff is primarily in the shop, waiting on retail customers, performing master keying tasks, programming vehicle keys, and finding obscure key blanks.Jeff enjoys going to garage sales and finding new and old tools. He is also active with his local Masonic lodge and the Penn Ohio Locksmiths Association.

Tim Coleman (Writer and Editor)

Tim Coleman has been a licensed locksmith for three years in the state of North Carolina, where he was born and raised. Prior to entering the trade, he served as a police officer for thirteen years full-time, and also has a decade of dispatching and training for the 9-1-1 center in his home county.

Prior to becoming a locksmith, Tim originally became interested in locksport while working nights. His interest in the hobby increased significantly after locking himself out of his home and having to crawl in through the kitchen window. That interest eventually led him to the locksmithing trade and when the time was right, he followed that interest to a full time job.

The company that Tim works for serves the greater Charlotte metro area and is a full service shop where he specializes in commercial hardware and access control.

When not out fixing doors, installing access control, or working on The Three Tumblers podcast; Tim enjoys time on the lake with friends and taking care of his cats and house near Charlotte.